Saturday, December 12, 2009

december sound :)

1. THE TEMPER TRAP and their LOVE LOST. " so if you flash my heart, i won't mistreat it. "
2. SHAKIRA and her SHE WOLF. " S.O.S she's in disguise. " *love this song esp. that auu part*
3. OK GO and their WTF " it's like i'm eye-to-eye. wild eyed . " *their video : OH-SO-AWESOME!*
4. THE TEMPER TRAP (again) and their SCIENCE OF FEAR *baru tau vokalisnya orang indo. wouw*
5. C'MON LENNON and their AKU CINTA J.A.K.A.R.T.A " TANCAAAPP! " *basi berat tapi di kelas lagi in-in-nya. haha*
6. BLOC PARTY's ONE MORE CHANCE " give me one more chance, give me one more chance, give me one more chance to love you "
7. DATAROCK and their COMPUTER CAMP LOVE " she's not a tramp. her name is judy " *fa-fa-fa*
8. STAR's THIS CHARMING MAN *love love love*
9. STAR's *again* ELEVATOR LOVE LETTER " and i don't know how to love " *do looooveeeee stars*

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*hyde marge* said...

girl, i missed your playlists. write more of these stuff..!